Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. A society established in 1870
Augusta Shrine Club Augusta, Georgia

Road Runners

Transportation Van for Shriners Hospital for Children Augusta Shrine Club Road Runners The Road Runners are a group of Shrine Club volunteers who transport children and their parents to and from Shriners Hospitals in Greenville and Cincinnati. The Volunteer Unit drives Children for care at the Shriners Hospital for Children thousands of miles a year and their only reward for making these trips is the smile on the faces and to know that they have helped a child to receive the care needed to live and lead a full and productive life. The Augusta Shrine Club, its different units and club members strive to raise money for this worth cause. It is the clubs main purpose of existence. The children that have been treated and are home are invited annually to a special event at the Shrine Club. To see these children and share a moment with them is very rewarding and heart warming. Auxiliary President 2019 Auxiliary Vice Pres. 2019 Sharon Bennett Nancy Rutland 706-799-2770 706-421-7215 Auxiliary Secretary Auxiliary Treasurer Taylor Angelisanti Romona Martin The Augusta Shrine Club Ladies Auxiliary was created in 1963 as an auxiliary to the Augusta Shrine Club. The Auxiliary is comprised of women whose support the Shriner in their fund raising efforts that benefit the Shiners Hospitals for Children whose Medical Teams specialize in Burn, Orthopedic and Corrective Surgeries in the United States and abroad. Auxiliary Members are wives, widows, or mother of Shiners. The Ladies assist the men of the Shrine Club in fund raising events such as parades, cookouts, dances, and many other special activities. The Auxiliary members host Christmas and Holiday parties, dances and other events to raise funds to provide gifts for the children such as toys, holiday treats, clothing and other items that the children may need during any pre- operative stays, hospitalization and post-operative care. Our members enjoy friendship, love and loyalty which are the building blocks for a true charitable organization. The Ladies Auxiliary meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm. Only Auxiliary members or other Shrine Club Auxiliary members and guests may attend meetings.

Go Cart Unit

To raise the public’s awareness level of the Shriner Hospitals that care for the children. To help support the Augusta Shrine Club, Alee Temple, and the Greenville Shriners Hospital. Participate in parades, community projects, and Shrine functions and to have fun and fellowship accomplishing a common goal. The Augusta Shrine Club Go- Cart Unit was formed in 1962 by several members of the Augusta Shrine Club that attended a Shrine ceremonial in Jessup, GA. They realized that creating a new Go Cart Unit would not only be fun, but also benefit those children that require medical treatment through the Shriners Hospitals. The founding members are: Noble W.A. Hobbs, Noble Ira Carter, Noble Vadis Wylds, Noble Otis Pebbles, Noble Clyde Babb and Nobe Frank Heath.
Augusta Shrine Club Golf Unit Augusta Shrine Golf Unit Members Archie Black & Lady Janelle Clyde Bowie & Lady Leanne Lady Catherine Cato Robert Crowley & Lady Jewelle Jery Fisk & Lady Helen Fred Gilluly & Lady Ofelia Don Harris & Lady Linda Alvia Murdock Todd Shafer Jim Williams & Lady Linda Lady Evellyn Warren
The Golf Unit of the Augusta Shrine Club was organized in 1977 with 5 members. The purpose of the unit was to provide the means of closer fellowship among the many golfing members and their families, to play more golf together and to raise money from golf tournaments put on by the unit to benefit the Children and to have a capable group to put on the golf tournaments at the Temple ceremonials held in the C.S.R.A. The unit quickly became popular with the Temple and C.S.R.A. by participating in Parades and other instances through our uncontrollable antics to the delight of onlookers, which bring joy to the children and golfers. We ride so our children can walk. Our goals as a golf unit are to raise the publics awareness level of the Shrines Hospitals that care for the children. To help support the Augusta Shrine Club, Alee Temple, and the Greenville Shiners Hospital. Participate in parades, community projects, and Shrine functions to have fun and fellowship accomplishing a common goal.
Paul Bennett     Bobby Lively     James Paul    George Reckentine    Don Harris    Frank Valentine    Jack Bradford    Jim Williams   Todd Shafer
Augusta Shriners
Augusta Go-Cart Unit
Augusta Go-Cart Unit
The Augusta Go-Cart Unit awards the IRA Carter - Frank Heate Award every year to the person who has the biggest impact on the unit and it was our honor and pleasure to give this award to Jewel Whitten whom over the years has been to most all of our meetings, always bringing food to contribute to our meals. To share her wisdom and be there for anyone in need. Jewel is loved by all and we share this tremendous respect and love for her.. Jewel has showed us the true meaning of loyalty and friendship and family.
Augusta Shrine Club Units
Jewel Whitten
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